Beta Version Only

Currently, Door Codes are only generated for new residents whose units already have a LittleBird device control panel installed. If adding a panel to a unit with an existing resident(s)…

  1. Navigate to the page for that specific Unit - you should see tiles with each existing resident.

  2. Copy the resident information into a document/notepad - you will need these details later, but will need to delete them from LittleBird first.

  3. On the `...` menu for the resident(s), Remove the residents.

  4. Now, add the Resident back with the information you copied in #2.

    1. This does NOT send a new invite to the Resident. They are able to use their existing account.

  5. Instruct the Resident to load the LittleBird mobile app, go to the Settings menu, and select “Refresh Devices”.

    1. If they do not see this option, they should tap-and-pull on the settings screen to refresh the content

  6. After they refresh devices, they can navigate to the My Home screen, select the `...` on the lock tile, and view the door code on the lock control screen.