The Community Views feature of the LittleBird app is intended to provide you a general idea of how many people are using the common areas of your apartment community.

This allows you to avoid common areas during peak times, such as knowing when the gym is full so you can go plan to attend later when it's less busy.

However, to ensure the privacy and safety of the people using those common areas, we want to avoid providing exact numbers. For example, if you were the only person in the gym at night, you probably wouldn't feel comfortable broadcasting that to everyone. For that reason, we generalize the numbers to a range, such as "1-3 people."

Additionally, the technology used to identify the number of people isn't perfect, so the number is always an approximation. Lights, shadows, movement, obstacles, people standing close to each other, etc., can all affect the counting of how many people are in a common area. Instead of implying that it's an exact number, we provide an approximate range to clarify that the number is just an estimate.