If your home features LittleBird enabled smart sensors, you can enable/disable them from the LittleBird mobile app.

Find your smart sensor

  1. Open the LittleBird mobile app on your mobile device.

  2. Browse to the My Home (house) icon in the navigation bar. You’ll see all of your smart sensors under the sensors section. 

  3. Locate the specific sensor by name that you would like to enable/disable.

I.e “door sensor”

Enable/Disable your sensor

  1. Once you have located the specific sensor you would like to enable/disable, simply tap on the sensor icon in the specific sensor’s panel.

If the indicator text switches from ENABLED to DISABLED, or vice versa, the process is complete. 

View a sensor’s settings

Your smart sensors will each have a display panel that will tell you all of the sensor Settings. Here you will find information on your sensor typenotification preferences, and see the option to place your sensor on Do not disturb.

  1. To open a specific sensor’s settings, tap the expand (v) icon attached to the sensor’s panel.