If you are currently using pay per click advertising (PPC ads), or if you’re just starting to use it, including a few campaigns to highlighting your property’s new LittleBird features may drive new traffic to your website or landing page. Below are a few examples our marketing team has drafted to get your creative juices flowing.

For the purpose of providing examples, we’ve left a blank line for you to fill in with your property name.

Headlines & Body Copy

  1. Live Smarter at _________

Now equipped with LittleBird Smart Home technology.

  1. Comfort & Convenience

Find your Smart Apartment at ___________, equipped with LittleBird Smart Home Technology 

  1. Smart Apartments from $_____

Enjoy smart lights, locks, and thermostats at ____________, with the LittleBird Smart Home system. 

  1. Peace of Mind = Priceless

Rest easy at _________ knowing unwanted visitors can be easily deterred turned away using LittleBird Smart Access technology.

  1. Connect to your Community

Residents of _________ utilize Smart Community features to find events, local offers, and amenity information.

  1. Meet your new neighbors

Through the Smart Community features available at ___________, using the LittleBird Mobile App. _________ helps neighbors connect through Smart Community features on the LittleBird Mobile app.