It’s likely that the features LittleBird has added to your property will appeal to prospective renters! Advertising these features throughout your digital marketing efforts can increase your web traffic and help bring in new leads. To support you in this effort, we’ve provided a list of helpful SEO phrases and keywords that can put your property’s information in front of the right eyes. 

Smart Apartment 

  • Smart apartment

  • Smart home apartment

  • Apartment technology

  • Smart apartment technology

  • Smart home for apartments

Smart Access 

For clarification, try to use “apartment….,” “multifamily….,” “....for apartments,” or “...for apartment communities” around these phrases when appropriate (without overdoing it).

  • access control system

  • access system 

  • keyless entry

  • door access control

  • door access control system

  • door entry system 

  • gate entry system

Video Intercom

  • video intercom

  • video intercom system

  • apartment intercom

  • apartment intercom system

  • apartment entry system 

Smart Home

  • smart apartment

  • smart home for apartments

  • smart apartment technology

Specific devices to mention:

  • smart thermostat

  • smart lock

  • smart switch

  • smart light

  • motion sensor

  • door alarm sensor

  • Z-Wave hub

Smart Community

  • resident app

  • community app

  • resident portal

  • amenity app