You can easily edit, add, and remove portal user information within the LittleBird web portal.

Locate the portal users page

  1. Log into the Littlebird web portal on your desktop device. 

  2. Browse to the Settings (gear) icon in the navigation column and click the Expand (v) icon to reveal the dropdown menu.

  3. Click Portal Users within the dropdown menu to reveal your current user list. Here you can see each user along with their phone number and gate code.

Edit user information

  1. Locate the user whose information you wish to edit and click the More Options (...) icon. 

  2. Click the Edit (pencil) option. You can now make changes to the user’s information by adjusting any of the presented text box or selection options. 

  3. When you are finished making changes, tap the Save Portal User button. 

Note: If you no longer wish to make changes, simply tap Cancel.

Add a new user 

  1. Locate the Add Portal User button on the Portal Users page and click to open the Staff information form field. 

  2. Enter the new user’s personal information.

    1. Enter the user’s first and last name in the First Name and Last Name text boxes. 

    2. Enter the user’s email in the Email Address text box. 

    3. If you would like to record the user’s phone number, enter this information in the Phone Number text box. 

  3. Click the Save Portal User button to complete the form and add the individual to your user list. 

Note: If you no longer wish to add the user, simply click the Cancel button or Back.  

Note: Adding a user does not give the new user access to the app. Instead, the new user will also need to be added to the "Management" Unit in order to gain access to the app.

Removing property staff

  1. On the Property Staff page, locate the user you would like to remove.

  2. Click the More Options (...) icon on the panel of the user you wish to remove from your current user list.

  3. Click the Remove (trash can) icon. You will see a message asking you to confirm that you wish to remove the portal user.

  4. Click the Yes button. The user will be immediately removed.

Note: You can also remove a user by clicking the Remove Portal User button found on the Edit Portal User page. Removing a user will also remove their access to LittleBird devices, codes, and other related material.