Your LittleBird web portal allows you to view all resident information in a directory form, making it easy to locate and edit resident information.

Locate the Resident List 

  1. Log into the LittleBird web portal on your desktop device. 

  2. Browse to the Units & Residents (person) icon in the navigation column.

  3. Click the Expand (v) icon to reveal the Resident List item in the dropdown menu. 

  4. Click Resident List to open the resident directory page.

Here you will find a list of resident information sorted by Resident name and Unit number. You will also be able to see whether or not they have Smart Home features and Roommates

Edit Resident Information

  1. You can locate a specific resident by entering their name in the Search bar or scrolling through the Resident List

  2. Click the resident’s unit number in the Unit # column. This will open a separate page containing the unit’s resident information as well as the unit’s device information.

  3. Under the Residents section, click the More Options (...) icon on the panel of your desired resident. 

  4. Click the Edit (pencil) icon to reveal the Edit Resident form field. Here you can edit the residents First and Last Name and phone number.

You can also edit whether the resident can receive SMS messaging and whether or not they can provide guests with community access using the Enable Resident’s Guest Community Access option.

  1. Once you’re happy with the information you entered, click the Save Resident button. If you don't wish to save your changes, simply click Cancel.