The LittleBird web portal makes it possible to view and manage community event RSVPs with ease. 

  1. Log into the LittleBird web portal on your desktop device. 

  2. Browse to the Smart Community (building) icon in the navigation column.

  3. Click the Expand (v) icon to reveal the dropdown menu containing the Events item.

  4. Click on the Events item to reveal the Event Board containing your property’s current list of events. Under the Registrants column, you'll see the number of residents who have RSVPed to each event. 

  5. Click the event name and select Registrants at the top of the event page to open the list of currently registered residents. For each resident registered, you’ll see their full name, date of registration, and number of attendees they registered for. 

Messaging Registrants 

  1. To send a message to all registered attendees, click the Communications tab in the event details menu. 

  2. Use the open text field on the Communications page to write your message

  3. Click Send Communication to complete the process.

Removing Registrants 

  1. To remove a registered guest, click the More Options (...) button on their registration panel. A cancelation option will appear. 

  2. Click Cancel Registration, then click Yes when asked “Are you sure you want to cancel this registration? 

Note: If you no longer want to cancel the resident’s registration, simply click Cancel.