Using your LittleBird web portal, you can easily manage your community's event vendor contacts.

Locate the Vendors page

  1. Log into the LittleBird web portal on your desktop device. 

  2. Browse to the Smart Community (building) icon in the navigation column.

  3. Click the Expand (v) icon to reveal the dropdown menu containing the Vendors item.

  4. Click on the Vendors item to reveal your property’s current list of vendor partners.

Add new vendors 

  1. Click the Add Vendor button to open the form.

  2. Enter the appropriate information for each of the following text boxes: Vendor Name and Vendor Email

Note: All of these text boxes must be filled in order to complete the form.

  1. Click the Add Vendor button to send an invitation email to your new vendor and add them to your current list. 

Edit and remove vendors 

  1. Click the vendors’ provided name from the list to open the Edit Vendor page.

  2. Insert any new information you’d like to change into the First NameLast Name, or Phone text boxes.

  3. Click the Save button to save the updated contact information.

  4. To delete a vendor, use the Remove Vendor button then click Yes when asked “Are you sure you want to remove this vendor? to complete the removal process.

Note: If you no longer wish to delete the vendor, simply click Cancel