By connecting to the payment system Stripe, vendors for communities can host events and get paid directly from the event revenue. 

Navigate to the Stripe settings page

  1. Log in to the LittleBird vendor portal on your device 

  2. In the navigation column, you will see two options: Events and Stripe Settings. Select Stripe Settings 

  3. If no Stripe account has been connected, the page will prompt you to connect one

  4. Click Connect to Stripe 

Create a Stripe account 

  • Enter your email address and set a password in the provided fields.

  • Click Continue

    • Note: You may return to the vendor portal at any time during the Stripe setup by selecting Return to LittleBird on the left side of the page. However, your Stripe details may not be saved until account setup is complete.

  • Enter your business address, then click Continue
  • Complete the Personal Details fields, then click Continue
  • Fill out Business Details, then click Continue
  • Set up banking details by selecting an account for payments. Enter the account information in the provided fields, then click Continue.
  • Enter your business information in the Customer Support Details fields. These fields will help identify your business to clients and customers. Then click Continue
  • Almost done! Review your details to ensure that everything is correct. 
  • Return to the LittleBird vendor portal. Stripe Settings will now indicate that your Stripe connection is on. 

Download full guide with images: