When first getting started with LittleBird, you will be added as LittleBird Portal User by either LittleBird or a previously established administrator in your community. Once added, you’ll need to complete your LittleBird Account Setup before you can log into the LittleBird Web Portal. 

Getting Started with Your LittleBird Account

To complete your LittleBird account setup:

  1. Check your email for a message titled LittleBird Account Setup (if you don’t see this email, check your spam folder, just in case)

  2. Click the link within the email

  3. Complete the form by entering your desired password (this will be the password used to log into LittleBird)

  4. Click Set Password

  5. Go to https://app.littlebirdliving.com/

  6. Enter your email address and newly created password

  7. Click Log In

Note: You’ll be presented with a list of properties you can access upon logging in if you’re assigned to various communities. Click the property you’d like to access from the Properties list to begin managing that community’s LittleBird features and solutions. If you’d like to return to the property list anytime, click Back to Properties List above the navigation bar on the left side of the page.