Existing or New Residents

  1. Now that you’re on the Unit page for the Unit you just added, you can add residents to this unit.
    Important Notes:
    1. Only add a Resident to a Unit on the day they are moving in or if the resident already lives in the Unit. For units with panels, adding a resident gives them a door code that grants them access to the unit. For help on getting door codes for existing residents, go here.
    2. If this is a Unit with a LittleBird device control panel, ensure that the panel is set up on the Unit. If you are unsure, select the “Edit” option on the Unit page. If you see a number in the field for “DMP Panel ID”, this Unit has a panel in it.
    3. If the Resident you’re adding already has access to a Unit on any property in the LittleBird app, they will not receive an invite email. Instead, after adding the resident, they can pull-to-refresh their Settings screen and see a “Switch Units” option. On clicking that option, the Resident can select which Unit they want to access.

      1. To access the Door Code for their new Unit, after selecting that Unit, the Resident can navigate to the Lock subscreen for their front door and view the door code there.
    4. If a Resident does not accept their invite within 72 hours, they will need to contact you to resend the invite. To do that, select the `...` on the information card for that Resident and select “Resend Invite”
      1. If that option is not there, this means the Resident has accepted the invite. At this point, the Resident should go to the app and select “Forgot Password” on the login screen, and then follow those instructions.
  2. If you’re ready to add a Resident to the Unit, select “Add Resident”
    1. Enter the Resident’s First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. These are the only three required fields to add a resident.

    2. This will be the Resident’s user account email address. They can change this later. 
      1. For Residents who are moving in to a Unit with a panel, this is the email where they will receive the Door Code without needing to install the app. This email will also contain instructions to setup their account when ready.
      2. Residents in a Unit without a Panel will get the standard account creation invite email.

    3. You can optionally add the Resident’s Phone # or License Plate #(s).
      1. We will use the License Plate # data in future parking management features.
      2. We will never use the cell phone # without permission, other than when we generate the initial door code on move-in (in future versions). Any other text alerts sent by LittleBird will be opted-in to by the Resident within the mobile app.
    4. When you’re ready to finalize the information and send the Resident their invite email, and a door code if this is a new Resident in a Unit with a panel, select “Save Resident”. It may take a few seconds to create the Resident.
    5. Now that you’ve added a Resident, you’ll see a card with their information displayed. To edit the Resident data, remove the Resident, or resend the invitation, select the `...` menu. 
      1. Once the Resident has accepted the invitation, the “Resend Invite” option will be removed.
      2. If the Resident was added with an incorrect email address, Delete the Resident with the incorrect email address and add a new Resident with the updated email address.
    6. To add further Residents, select the blue “Add Resident” button to the right.