If you live in a property that uses LittleBird Smart Community features, you can learn about and RSVP for fun community events in your LittleBird mobile app. 

View community events

  1. Open the LittleBird mobile app on your mobile device.

  2. Browse to the Community (building) icon in the navigation bar. You’ll see the name of your community at the top of this page.

  3. Tap the Events (calendar) panel to reveal the All Events and My Events categories. In each category you’ll see that events are listed in chronological order. Notice that each event panel features the event’s date, time, location, and price

  4. If you want to know more about an event, tap on the event panel to reveal the event’s description and RSVP options. 

  5. Tap the Cancel (X) icon on an event’s description to go back to the Events page.

Registering for community events

  1. While scrolling through the Events page, tap on the event you’d like to attend. 

  2. Tap on the Register button to open the registration panel. Here you can select the number of tickets you’d like to purchase. You’ll be able to see your total costs for all tickets in the Total Due row. If the event does not have a fee your Total Due will say FREE.

    1. If the event has a fee, tap the Payment Method button to select which card you’d like to pay with using LittleBird’s secure payment process.

    2. If your card is not already in LittleBird’s system, tap the Add Payment Method (+) option, and enter your appropriate card information. This card will automatically be selected for the event transaction.

    3. Tap the Back (arrow) icon to return to the Event registration panel. 

    4. Tap the PAY button to complete the payment. You’ll then be able to see the event in the My Events section of the app.

  1. Tap the Register button to purchase your tickets. You’ll be taken back to the events page and can now navigate to the My Events category to view your recently purchased tickets. 

Canceling event registration

  1. While scrolling through the My Events page, tap your registered event that you’d like to cancel. 

  2. Tap the Cancel Registration button. A confirmation screen will appear. If you still want to cancel your event registration tap Yes, Cancel. If you’ve changed your mind tap No, Don’t Cancel.

You’ll then be directed back to the community event list. 

Refund Policy for Paid Events

If you’ve previously registered for a paid event, and have decided to cancel your registration you will receive a refund! For insight on how LittleBird works with properties to calculate refunds, refer to the notes below. 

If you have specific questions regarding a refund, please contact your property manager, or reach out to us at 602 607 4620

  1. Community events in your LittleBird app have an RSVP cutoff date set by your community’s management. All funds collected from a paid event’s RSVPs are held until this date. 

  2. If the minimum number of attendees for an event is not met, you will automatically receive a full refund. 

  3. If you choose to cancel your registration prior to the event cutoff date, you will automatically receive a full refund. 

  4. If you cancel your reservation for an event that is past the RSVP cutoff date, you will automatically receive a partial refund. The percentage of this refund depends on the timeliness of your cancellation and your community management’s policies.