Submitting a maintenance request can be done directly through your LittleBird mobile app at any time of the day. 

Locate the Maintenance Request screen

  1. Open the LittleBird mobile app on your mobile device.

  2. Browse to the Support (question mark) icon in the navigation bar and tap to open the Support page.

  3. Locate and tap the Need to make a maintenance request panel to open the Maintenance Request form field. This will reveal the LocationDescription, and Access Instructions sections. 

Submit a request

  1. To write your request, tap into the provided space under each section and add the appropriate information. Remember to be as descriptive as possible.

    1. In the Location field, describe where the problem has occurred in your living space. You do not need to include your unit number. 

    2. In the Description field, specify the problem you are experiencing in your living space. It is helpful to include details about how long you’ve been aware of the issue as well as any troubleshooting you have attempted.

    3. In the Access Instructions field, provide any additional information that the maintenance staff should know before entering your home. Consider including the times you plan to be home and information about any household pets. 

  2. Tap the Maintenance has permission to enter the unit toggle if you would like to allow your community's maintenance team to enter your unit.

  3. Tap the Submit Request button at the bottom of the form field. Your maintenance team will then be alerted of your submission.

  4. Use the Call button located within the maintenance phone number section to call the maintenance office if you have questions or concerns about your request.

      5. Tap the Close (x) button to return to the Support screen.