The LittleBird web portal makes it easy to update your maintenance team’s contact information.

Locate the maintenance page

  1. Log into the LittleBird web portal on your desktop device. 

  2. Browse to the Settings (gear) icon in the navigation column.

  3. Click the Expand (v) icon to reveal the Maintenance item in the dropdown menu. 

  4. Click Maintenance to open the Maintenance Information page and form field.

    Note: Maintenance page must be enabled in Resident Features prior to use.

Update maintenance settings

  1. Enter the new contact information for maintenance requests into the Maintenance Contact Information form field.

    1. Enter the primary email address for your maintenance team into the Email text box.

Note: If you leave this blank, residents will not be able to send maintenance requests in the app. 

  1. Enter your maintenance team manager’s email address in the Secondary Email text box. 

  2. Enter the phone number for your maintenance team in the Maintenance Phone Number text box. 

If you would like to record a secondary phone number for the maintenance team, use the Secondary Phone Number and the Secondary Phone Number Label fields to add this information.

  1. Use the Description of Maintenance Phone Numbers label to include any explanatory text you’d like to appear next to the primary phone number for your maintenance team (Maintenance manager, landscaping manager, etc.). 

  1. Click the Save Maintenance Settings button to update your current maintenance settings. You will receive a “Maintenance Settings Saved! message as confirmation.