If you live in a community that uses LittleBird Smart Community features, you can use the discussion board in your LittleBird mobile app to view discussion posts, sort posts by category, add posts, and leave comments.

View discussion posts

By viewing the discussion posts in your discussion board, you can keep up with all the happenings in your community. 

  1. Open the LittleBird mobile app on your mobile device.

  2. Browse to the Community (building) icon in the navigation bar. 

  3. Tap the Discussion Board (double chat bubble) panel.

  4. Scroll through your property’s discussion posts. You will see that posts are listed in chronological order. Notice that the top of each discussion post panel indicates the post’s category. Below the post’s category, you’ll see a short description and the writer of the post.

  5. Tap on a discussion post panel to view the full post and details. 

    1. If you feel that a post includes inappropriate content, tap the More Options (...) icon in the top right corner. You can then tap Flag Post or Block User. Flagging a post sends an alert to your community’s management. Blocking a user prevents you from seeing future posts from that user.

  6. Tap the Back (<) icon in the top left corner of a discussion post’s description to go back to the discussion post list. 

Sorting discussion posts by category

  1. While in the Discussion Board (double chat bubble) panel, tap on the All Posts dropdown menu. This menu allows you to sort posts according to their category. 

  2. Scroll through the category options under the All Posts menu and tap Choose to select the category of discussion posts you would like to see. 

    1. General posts include any overall information your fellow residents want to share.

    2. For Sale posts feature items up for sale in your community.

    3. Events posts highlight resident-organized activities.

    4. Recommendation posts include resident recommendation insights and questions.

Adding a discussion post

Whether you’re planning an event, selling an item, needing a recommendation, or simply wanting to share information, posting on your community’s discussion board will let you connect to your whole community.

  1. While in the Discussion Board (double chat bubble) panel, tap on the Add Post button. 

  1. Choose a post category. 

    1. If you would like to make a general post, tap the General Post (chat bubble) icon. 

    2. If you would like to make a post about an item you are selling, tap the For Sale (storefront) icon. 

    3. If you would like to make a post about an event you are organizing, tap the Event (calendar) icon. 

    4. If you would like to make a post about a recommendation, tap the Recommendation (thumbs up) icon. 

  2. Enter your post information. 

    1. Type a title for your post in the Headline text box. This will appear on the post’s panel in the discussion post list. 

    2. Include your full post in the Body text box. 

    3. If you chose to write a general post, you can include a URL to another site in the Link text box.

    4. If you chose to write a for sale post,  you can select the Free toggle or enter the price of your item in the Price text box. 

    5. If you are writing an event post, you can select the timeframe of your event with the Start Time and End Time menus. You can also include a location or URL to another site in the Location and Link text boxes. 

    6. If you chose to write a recommendation post, you can choose between Ask for a recommendation and Recommend a product or service with the Type menu. 

  3. When you are happy with your post, press Submit.

You’ll know your post has been sent to the management team for review when you see the Pending Approval message. Simply click the Okay button to return to the discussion board.

If you need to delete your post for any reason, please contact your community manager.

Leaving comments

If you would like to respond to a discussion post left by someone in your community, you can leave a comment. 

  1. While in the Discussion Board (double chat bubble) tab, scroll through your community’s discussion posts and tap the discussion post panel you would like to comment on. 

  2. Tap on the Add Comment (chat bubble) option. 

  3. Enter your comment in the Comment text box that appears.

  4. Tap Reply to submit your comment.