Moderating community discussion is made easy with the LittleBird web portal. Managers have the ability to reject or approve each resident discussion post before it is made visible to the entire community via the LittleBird mobile app.

Locate the pending discussions page

  1. Log into the LittleBird web portal on your designated desktop device. 

  2. Browse to the Smart Community (building) icon in the navigation column.

  3. Click the Expand (v) icon to reveal the Pending Discussions item within the dropdown menu. 

  4. Click the Pending Discussion item to open the Pending Discussions page. This page contains every post a resident has submitted that has yet to be reviewed by management. These posts are listed by the Author’s Name, Author’s Unit Number, Post type, Headline, and Body

Note: The Pending Discussions page must be enabled in Resident Features before it can be used.

Review a pending discussion board post 

  1. From the Pending Discussions page, locate the panel for the discussion post you would like to review. 

  2. Within the discussion post’s panel, under the Body section, locate the See Post Body (v) icon. 

  3. Click the See Post Body button to reveal the message attached to the submitted discussion post. If the messaging is appropriate for your resident discussion board you’ll need to approve it, if the messaging is not appropriate you’ll need to reject it.

    1. Click the Checkmark icon to approve a discussion post. Once approved, this post will be removed from the Pending Discussions page and can be monitored on the Discussion page.

    2. Click the Deny (x) icon to reject a discussion post. Once rejected, this post will be deleted from the Pending Discussions page and will not be added to the resident discussion board.