If your community uses LittleBird Smart Home features, you can control devices in a specific vacant unit using your LittleBird web portal. 

Locate the vacant unit’s devices section

  1. Log into the LittleBird web portal on your desktop device. 

  2. Browse to the Units & Residents (person) icon in the navigation column and click to reveal the unit list page. 

  3. When searching for a specific unit, note that vacant units will appear shaded and contain the No Residents label. You can also locate the vacant unit by: 

    1. Scrolling through the overall unit list, which is listed in numerical order.

    1. Entering the unit’s number in the Search bar.

  1. Once you’ve found your desired vacant unit, click on its unit number. Under the Devices section, you’ll see each of the Smart Home devices installed in the unit. Each device panel shows its device’s unique identification number (UID) along with any applicable battery levels, scheduling options, status indications, and control options.

Control the unit’s smart lights

  1. If the unit has smart lights, you can turn them on by clicking the Turn Light On button in the light’s device panel. The button’s title will then change to “Turn Light Off”. 

  2.  If a light is already on, click the Turn Light Off button to turn it off. 

Control the unit’s smart thermostats

  1. If the unit has a smart thermostat, click the Cool (-) button or Heat (+) button to decrease or increase the unit’s temperature. You can see the unit’s current temperature in the Current section.

  2. Use the Mode dropdown menu to change the mode of the thermostat. You’ll be able to choose from HeatCool, or Auto. You can also select Off to turn off the thermostat completely. 

  3. Choose Auto or On in the Fan dropdown menu to either automate the unit’s fan or keep it on continuously. 

Control the unit’s smart garage doors

  1. If the unit has a smart garage door, you can open it by clicking the Open button. The button’s title will then change to “Close”. 

  2. If the garage door is already open, click the Close button to close it.

Control the unit’s smart door locks

  1. If the unit has a smart door lock, you can unlock it by clicking the Unlock button. The button’s title will change to “Lock”.

  2. If the smart door lock is already unlocked, click the Lock button to lock it.