Property Management Social Media Kit


These resources are meant to give property managers content about LittleBird to share on their social media. Managers can use any of these images, copy, or ideas on their social media whenever they'd like to let residents know what we're all about!

Image Ideas

  • LittleBird intro post

  • Product imagery

  • Community aspects

  • LittleBird Video Intercom imagery

  • App mockups

Hashtag Ideas

  • #LittleBird #SmartAccess #SmartHome #SmartCommunity #smarttechnology #apartmentgoals #smartapartment #homeautomation

Helpful Images and Captions


  • “We are excited to announce that we have partnered with LittleBird to bring our residents the most modern and convenient experience on the market. LittleBird is a resident experience platform that specializes in Smart Access, Smart Home, and Smart Community features. To learn more about what they bring to our community, check them out @golittlebird.”


  • “Security is a top priority to us, which is why we partner with @golittlebird. Their Smart Access features allow our residents to safely and conveniently enter the property with their phone, specialized code, or key fob.”

  • “Did you know that you can get through each access point around our property with your smartphone? Try it out today with the @golittlebird resident app!”

  • “You have probably seen a video intercom or two that looks like this around our community. Take advantage of all its features in the access tab of the @golittlebird app.”


  • “With integrated @golittlebird Smart Home technology, our units bring amazing innovation and convenience to each and every resident.”

  • “If you see a little device in the corner of your unit, that is a motion sensor! This guy is meant to keep you safe by notifying you when there is motion in your unit. To learn more, check out @golittlebird’s page.”

  • “Did you know that you can SCHEDULE your devices in your unit?! Not only will this save you time and effort, but it will also save energy. Check it out today in your @golittlebird app!”


  • “Staying connected at our property is easy with @golittlebird’s Smart Community features. From announcements to discussion boards to local offers, there are many ways to get involved. Check it out in your app today!”

  • “Make sure to stay updated with our community by checking your @golittlebird app frequently! Go further by turning on notifications :)”

  • “Want to get more involved in our community? Check out the events section of the Smart Community tab in the @golittlebird app.”