When setting up a new unit, or using LittleBird Smart Home features in a unit for the first time, you’ll need to request panel activation for your Smart Home devices. This notifies LittleBird to get all of your new Smart Home devices up and running. 

Locating the unit

Browse to the Units & Residents (person) icon in the navigation bar. You can now locate the unit in need of panel activation by:

  1. Scrolling through the overall unit list, which is listed in numerical order.

  1. Entering a unit number or resident name into the Search field. 

  1. Clicking the Filter by automation dropdown menu and selecting Active or Inactive to sort all units according to their Smart Home activity status.

Requesting panel activation 

  1. Once you’ve found your desired unit, click on its unit number to open the unit details page.

  2.  Scroll to the Devices section and you’ll see a “No Devices Found” message. 

  3. Click the Request Panel Activation button. 

  4. Enter the panel information for the unit. You’ll find this information on the documents you received in your Smart Home device kit(s).

    1. In the Serial Number text box, enter your Smart Home panel’s serial number. 

    2. In the Account Number text box, enter the Smart Home panel’s account number. 

  5. Click the Request Panel button. You’ll see a confirmation message stating, “Activation request sent.” LittleBird Technical Support will be notified and you’ll receive an email confirming your activation request. LittleBird Technical Support will personally contact you within 24 hours. 

Note: If you no longer wish to make a request, simply click Cancel