We understand that your availability may change unexpectedly, and that’s why we made updating your Self-Guided Tour settings simple using the LittleBird Web Portal.

Updating Self-Guided Tours Settings

To adjust your Self-Guide Tour settings:

  1. Log into the LittleBird Web Portal

  2. Click on desired Property (if applicable)

  3. Click the expand button (v) by Units & Residents in the navigation bar on the left side of the page 

  4. Click Self-Guided Tours

  5. Click Tour Settings at the top of the page

  6. Make any necessary changes to which units are available for tours, Access Profiles, availability times, pre-tour messaging, and/or which staff members are notified of new Self-Guided Tour forms

  7. Click Save Self-Guided Tour Settings at the bottom of the page

  8. Click Yes, Change Availability in the confirmation window