When a prospect fills out an application for a Self-Guided Tour, their application will be forwarded to a location in the LittleBird Web Portal for you to review. 

Any configured staff members will also receive notifications alerting them that a new application is ready to view. 

Depending on your review, you’ll have the option to either approve or deny their request for a tour. 

View Self-Guided Tours Applications

To view pending Self-Guide Tour applications:

  1. Log into the LittleBird Web Portal

  2. Click on desired Property (if applicable)

  3. Click the expand button (v) by Units & Residents in the navigation bar on the left side of the page 

  4. Click Self-Guided Tours

  5. Click Pending Tours at the top of the page

  6. Click the View to Approve or Deny button next to the application to view the details

  7. Review the prospect’s contact information, any additional notes they may have included, and their form of identification

  8. Click the green Approve Tour to approve the prospect’s request (or click the red Deny Tour button to deny their request)

  9. Click Approve Tour (or Deny Tour) again in the confirmation window

If you’ve approved the prospect, they will receive an email with your pre-tour message (if configured) and another containing their access code (either PIN or QR code) to enter the community and an access code to unlock the unit door. Their access will be active for the length of time configured in your Self-Guided Tours settings. 

If denied, the prospect will receive an email letting them they have been denied and should reach out to your property management teams for additional information.